Makgeolli & Bindae Tteok Experience

Tour Number CD026
Tour  18:00~20:30
Minimum pax 2pax



Hotel - Gwangjang Market located in Dongdaemun (18:00~20:30)


Makgeolli’ is a traditional Korean alcohol produced through a process of mixing steamed rice, barley, or wheat with yeast and water, and then leaving the concoction to ferment. Makgeolli  was originally considered the beverage of the ‘working class,’ consumed primarily by farmers or laborers after a grueling day in the field. As of late, however, the drink has gained a wider following among younger generations of Koreans—and expatriates—owing to its reputation as a simple beverage that, relative to many other alcohols, offers several health benefits.

With an alcohol content of 6-7%, makgeolli is a fairly mild drink with a mellow, nutty taste. Recently, many drinking establishments have taken to mixing makgeolli with fruity flavors, resulting in a rainbow of eye-catching makgeolli cocktails served alongside the latest in fusion-style appetizers.

Bindae Tteok is a savory Koean pancake made from ground mung beans