Furniture Museum, Unhyungung Palace & Jogyesa Temple Tour

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Tour  14:00~18:00 
Minimum pax  2 pax

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Hotel – Furniture Museum – Unhyungung Palace – Jogyesa Temple – Insadong Street


Furniture Museum having unofficially opened in 2008 after 14 years of construction, the private museum is the beloved brainchild of its owner andirector, Chyung Mi-sook, a former professor at Yonsei University and a collector who personally amassed the museum's 2,000 pieces of Joseon Dynasty furniture over the past five decades.



Unhyeongung Royal Residence was the home of young Gojong, who later became Emperor during the Joseon Dynasty. Under the orders of Queen Mother Jo, Unhyeongung was renovated into a grand, palace-like house with four gates. Gojong’s father, Yi Haeung, or better known as Heungseon Daewongun, continued to live at Unhyeongung for most of his life.





Jogyesa Temple does not give off the solemn and traditional air of the other temples located deep in the mountains, or offer the seasonal scenery of the mountains and the sea. But because it is located in the middle of the city, the transportation is convenient, and is well connected to the surrounding areas. It is good for tourists on a tight schedule. The first thing you will notice at the temple are the lovely trees. These locust trees and baeksong trees in front of the Daeungjeon, the main temple building, are about 500 years old.





Insadong Shopping district: Insa-dong , located in the heart of the city, is an important place where old but precious and traditional goods are on display. There is one main road in Insa-dong with alleys on each side. Within these alleys are galleries, traditional restaurants, traditional teahouses, and cafes.